The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

IMG_6640.PNGIt’s almost December: cold nights, possible snow, Christmas trees, sweaters, Christmas cheer. This time of year is the happiest time of year but can also be full of anxiety for others.  From what I’ve been working on this last year is to also take care of yourself. Self -care is very important and all should participate. This time of year is filled with family get-togethers, work parties, outings with friends, the list goes on. One should take time for themselves to regain their energy so they can fully enjoy the season’s festivities!

  • One should make sure they are getting enough fluids and I’m not talking about eggnog! A lot of water is a must. Water keeps you hydrated, increases good mood, and keeps your face looking flawless!
  • One should take time for themselves! It’s not selfish to spend sometime alone, it’s imperative for your health! Spending time on yourself increases your energy to increase your mood to enjoy other activities with friends and family.
  • One should eat well during this time a year even though you would rather eat that pie! Let yourself eat pie, don’t restrict yourself but also listen to your body and eat what it wants. If you listen closely your body will let you know what it craves like good veggies, a lot of water, lean meats(if you aren’t vegetarian!), and good fats!
  • One should try to exercise/move around daily for 20-30 minutes at a time. Go to a yoga class, rock climbing gym, take a walk in the crisp air, what ever you enjoy just keep moving. This will increase your mood, clear your head, and maybe keep this extra pounds off! 😉

It is important to take care of yourself all year around. Caring for yourself is emporia the and you will be able to enjoy more things instead of catching a burnt out feeling. These are just just a few things to do to care for yourself and keep yourself sane during this holiday season! ❤️

Sending positive vibes your way!


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