They say it’s your birthday🎉🙋🏻🎉❤️

December 2nd…. the day I was born.

It was funny, last night I had a dream about the past…. like a lot past memories. It was like the ghosts of Birthday pasts. A lot about my childhood, several about high school and a few memories about my 20’s. With that last statement I guess the cat is out of the bag, I’m in my 30’s, 32 to be exact. Boy do I feel old, but looking in the mirror I don’t look old. Well, except for the grays poking through, good news is I have a hair appointment next Saturday to cover those.

The day before my actual birthday was one of the best days in a long time. It started with a happy birthday serenade by two of my favorite friends as I walked in the door. After a night of crying this brought me back to tears, but good tears. Then my awesome friends/co-workers showered me with gifts, thoughtful cards, letters, texts, and yummy food and cake topped with trick candles😂🎉 The day was filled with so much joy that hugs were given and if you know me that is a big deal! Later that night I had a yummy dinner with my parents and sister which was a good time as usual filled with lots of laughs…. even got to see some little brothers have a knock out drag out while waiting in line😂

This brings me to today, my birthday. It has been a relaxing day filled with texts, Facebook messages, coffee in bed, cuddling with Ellie Mae, watching tv in bed, and working on my future manifesto. Not bad for a 32 year old. I’m taking this day to reflect on what I’ve learned and been through this past year and how I can make this next year better!


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