Holiday Blues

Holidays are supposed to be full of cheer!

Instead they can be full of stress, anxiety, loneliness, stretching yourself too thin etc….

I did get a Christmas gift in the mail today from my Uncles and my little cousin. It’s a plant attached to a crystal! Super unique gift that I love! I need help deciding where it should go!

This week I have been more anxious than normal. Stressed about work or more so, the lack of work. Now, yes I am burned out on my career at the moment but a girl has to pay for Christmas and her bills. Work has been a little slow lately but thankfully we are starting to increase patients at work. Good for therapists but bad for the patient 🙂

I have been more anxious about getting the “right” gifts for everyone and getting them out in time. Well guess what, I’m sure my packages will be late as I just finished my shopping and have to get each box together. Gifts are different this year, I tried to get more wholesome and family oriented things for people this year. My focus on myself the past year has really put in perspective what is really important in life. I think my gifts I have bought show that this year.

I am stressed about getting back on my Dave Ramsey budget starting back in January. I have made lists of what I’ll be cutting out starting in January and have already canceled my Hulu account and looking at canceling my music account. Budgeting is difficult for me but I’m super serious about it. I am closer to my goals than I have ever been, this year during the holidays I just get side tracked.

This week I started back at the gym and yoga consistently. I feel better as far as body strength and body image. Will continue tomorrow with a trip to the gym.

Ellie Mae did get pampered today and had her nails trimmed and I bought her a new collar and leash!

I’m about to pass out while writing this so I guess it’s safe to say writing lowers my anxiety and calms me! Now if I could only do this for a living!! 🙂


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