Transformation Tuesday…… I’m a cliché

So today, I realized for the first time how much my body has changed in the last three years.

I have friends tell me,”you look good” or “you’ve lost so much weight”. Today looking at a picture from 2015, I realized how much different I look.

Gasp! Yeah, that’s a big difference…. I’ll do you one better! This one was from when I was married about four years ago!!

i was a major stress eater/binge eater at this point in my life. This is a result as major stressors in my life!

I could pick apart everything wrong with my physical appearance in each picture but I won’t. The old me would have done that. The new and improved me not only looks better physically but is also healthier mentally. Since I’m healthier mentally you can really tell in my physical appearance as well. I’m not only skinnier, my skin glows, my smile is genuine, I’m stronger mentally and physically.

This is a current picture of myself! Such a big difference in the last three years! Looking at this pictures I believe this current one makes me look younger.

My body is also stronger, which helps with my line of work. I do cardio, lift weights, go to yoga classes…. which I enjoy. I enjoy the rush of endorphins I get with each workout. I love the way my body feels: stronger, muscle soreness, skin glowing and most importantly I feel calm.

I believe that’s why I work out so much: to reach pure calmness. My anxiety is overall decreased, heart rate has returned to normal, and most importantly less panic attacks.

So yes, not only do I look better, healthier but my mental state is so much better than three years ago.

I am Jordan and this is my transformation❤️


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6 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday…… I’m a cliché”

  1. You look great! I found this also with changing my diet. However I have been naughty and had a burger then chocolate! Oh well back on the diet wagon later. xx

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