Procrastination, Emotional Eating and the Girl.

Where do I begin?

Anxiety, work stress, Ellie Mae’s behavior, procrastination equals me pulling my hair out….. well almost.

I will say my emotions run high this time of year due to my past. I’m easily overwhelmed and I do tend to procrastinate when I get like this. To all my out of state family, your packages are in the mail……as of today! Better late than never! I love y’all.

Aside from procrastination, I’m also easily annoyed….My neighbor’s dogs have been barking at everything in sight, including the wind. The dog is also right by my bedroom window preventing me from sleeping- also Ellie Mae’s beauty sleep has been affected……and I can tell by her behavior. To tell you the truth, I’m ready to send her off to the kennel for the weekend so I can have some peace and quiet.

Work tends to be more stressful this time of year I think due to my personal life having a lot of action- holiday parties, family get togethers, dates, gym, yoga class…. trying to cram all this in is stressful. When my emotions are like this, I can cry at the drop of a hat…. which I have. This leads to a headache, swollen eyes and then emotional eating. I skipped breakfast this morning- a restriction I usually do, ate a sandwich for lunch, drank three cokes, had coffee, ate a whole bag of muddy buddies, and a bag of popcorn. This is something I have not done in such a long time….. this is the old me coming though today.

I did do some positive self care- hot bath, essential oils, and meditation…..this helped some.

Then I get a message about a family emergency…but thankfully everything is okay at the moment.

I try to look at the positive of every situation. This is the new me. ❤️


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