Merry Christmas 🎄

Merry Christmas to all y’all!!!! Or Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animals😂

As we are closing in on the year, I have reflected and this year has been one of the best years ever!

There has been a lot of self work this year from journaling, seeing a life coach, getting serious in my yoga practice, and reading a lot of self help books. A lot of growth has been made mentally and emotionally on my part. Now I’m not saying this was easy by any means because it wasn’t. I had to dig deep in places that I did not want to go…. places that I hid. It was important for my growth for my future that I exposed these areas to patch up myself….. to make myself improved for the future to come.

Holidays have always been kind of…. different in our family. This year did not disappoint. A family emergency happened, won’t go into detail as that would be another blog post in it’s self. Christmas was spent going to the hospital, eating, opening presents, spending time with family and napping. I think today I took a three hour nap which never happens. It was much needed though but I most likely will not be able to sleep tonight! Overall Christmas was good…. here lately every situation has been good even though I have been challenged this year. My tolerance has increased….my ability to embrace change has increased drastically. My panic/anxiety attacks have decreased drastically this year! At this point I have some awesome things/people in my life. I strongly believe 2018 will be the happiest, most epic year for me!


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