When Your Eyes Say It

I know we all feel like this sometimes….Sometimes we all feel low….like we aren’t enough, worthy of love, smart enough, pretty enough, etc. I know I’m guilty of this feeling, not so much anymore but when it hits, it hits so hard.

For some reason, women especially are made to feel like that. I’m not sure if it’s cultural, media influenced, etc…. but I know I’m so tired of feeling like that. Usually when I start to feel unworthy, my anxiety and depression are at its peak!

Today I decided to not feel like this- actually this has been ongoing for three years. It has taken me three years to get to this point of feeling worthy, enough, strong, and most importantly calm. I’m not saying I don’t have days filled with anxiety, panic attacks or feelings of not being enough…. I just know how to handle these situations. I don’t let them control me anymore. I have better coping skills when it comes to my destructive thoughts and anxiety.

I have decided to surround myself with the things that I love and also the people that love me. It has taken me three years to discover that I had most of these things/people in my life all along….. just needed to slow down to see it.

Hopefully this helps anyone who is feeling similar. There is hope…. we just have to slow down, open your eyes and open your heart to find it.

My realization this week was a text from a 9 year old cousin. Love is in the smallest of gestures.❤️


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