2017….It’s a Wrap

Looking back at this year it has flown by….. it has been a life changing year, a year of ups and downs. For the first time in a long time the year is ending on a positive note!

First, here is a look at what 2017 brought:

New friends met at Fan Expo Dallas earlier this year. I meet the nicest people at conventions!

Faced my fear of clowns…..

Tried something new….. and still going to Aerial Yoga classes!

Adopted a kitty…. or more like she adopted me

Started my journey to love my body- Thanks to Mel Wells and all the Goddesses in The Academy!

Good times with family and friends….. Including a Tony Robbins experience!

New Orleans trip for a Supernatural Convention!!

Receiving flowers for the first time 🙂

Now I’m not going to be setting any New Years Resolutions but instead I’m going to leave behind negatives and welcome all positive things for 2018!

What I’m leaving behind:



struggle with weight

Credit card debt

What I’m going to bring to 2018:





Love for yoga


So, I hope everyone is safe tonight! Have fun, be safe and be positive. 2018 is going to bring great things!


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