When Sh*t Happens

Where do I even begin?

Those who know me, know I am clumsy…. accident prone. I say random things. I make funny faces without realizing it. Sometimes I have high anxiety.

Let’s just say today was not the best day…. a Monday. My anxiety was high. I have a lot on my mind. I was distracted today. Today was a day that I made lists like a mad woman. I had ten sticky notes on my phone today…. due to my high anxiety. I couldn’t get everything out of my head today. The construction at work was making my head explode today. I was anxious about this winter weather we were/are promised.

I gathered my thoughts, finished work, went to the grocery store, started cleaning my garage, baked brownies, did laundry, put dishes away, cleaned my car, fed my animals, cleaned my floors…. then I started making a recipe I found on Facebook. I will tell you, I was feeling good. I was feeling organized and accomplished. Then as I am chopping spinach with brand new knives BAM, I cut a chunk of the fat pad of my left index finger. All I could see was blood and more blood. At first, I didn’t think it was that bad since it wasn’t hurting at the moment. Then it started throbbing and wouldn’t stop bleeding. I grabbed a hand towel, applied pressure and called my parents. Thankfully my parents came over and my sister did as well. Both my mom and sister are nurses so they doctored me while my dad took care of Ellie Mae and my car. I finally stopped freaking out. I thought maybe I damaged my finger or needed stitches. I just needed a bandage on it. It’s most likely going to scar which I’m okay with. I was worried it would affect work or working out. I mean it most likely will affect working out for some time- no heavy lifting until it is healed up for the most part. Looks like I’ll just be on a bike or treadmill for now- not my fav things but better than nothing. Most likely no downward dog for awhile…. y’all know how much I love yoga and this really upset me.

But I am trying to be positive! I still have a finger,I’m alive, I have family that cares.

I am now bandaged up, laying in bed listening to the sleet against my window. I look outside and my car is covered in sleet. It’s beautiful and my troubles don’t seem to matter at the moment.

Things could always be worse.


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