A Texas Snow Day, a Rare Day

Today was a rare day in Texas. A treat. A snow day. Business closed. The roads were icy. Snow on the ground. The sound of the ice and snow crunching under my feet. The snow on Ellie Mae’s nose as she sniffs it.

It was a cold, frozen day. A day filled of coffee, Netflix, reading about budgeting, journaling, naps and cuddling with Ellie.

Oh and I spent the morning doctoring my poor finger. Which took about an hour due to the gauze being stuck to the wound! Ouch! I took Aleeve and now I’m fine. I’ve just had the hardest time drinking my coffee. Even though I’m ambidextrous, I reach for everything with my left hand. My finger has been bumped so many times today and I have said my favorite word so many times today.

Trying to end the day on a relaxing and positive note: a warm beverage, cuddles, re-runs of Dexter. Trying to mentally prepare to get out in this weather tomorrow to return back to my life.

Stay warm Y’all!


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