Sometimes Anxiety Runs High

I was going to write a blog about my skin care routine but realized this would be more real…. more raw. I want to be the blogger that writes about skin care, make-up, online dating catastrophes but realized I would be hiding. I used to hide behind “perfection”. I know now there is no such thing as perfection. This took me over twenty years to figure this out.

As you know from a previous post, I make lists when I’m anxious- today was no different. I made lists to put clean dishes away, do laundry, sweep floors, feed Ellie Mae and Hello Kitty. Now these are things I do automatically but when my brain is in overload I have to make lists to get ideas/tasks “out of my mind” to calm myself down. I made another list of things to sell as well as items to decorate my office when I get my desk. I always tell myself,” things will be better when we get this done”. Whatever this may be. But the truth is, things are never better after accomplishing a task…. then it’s on to the next one, etc.

The last week has been a real challenge, ice/snow storm, playing catch up at work due to the snow, workings Saturday due to the snow, being so run down I made myself sick on Sunday…. then today, I woke up this morning and I promise I did not know what day it was. Our caseload at this point is not the easiest, construction at work is loud and oh so messy, I feel like my life is shifting and needing a change…. and I’m not sure what. So from all this I can tell my anxiety is through the roof.

I have been making it an effort to go to the gym, fitting yoga back into my schedule, meditation, and eating more healthy. I can tell how my body feels that I haven’t been the healthiest the last few weeks…. increased stress, pimples, dry skin, headaches, irritated easily, bloated, etc. I need to drink more water- can y’all help and remind me. Every time you see me remind me, remind me on Facebook, remind me on instagram, send me a text,etc. a lot of my issues would be solved with increased water intake.

My favorite book when I have an overwhelming day. I recommend it. not a perfect picture but a sweet picture of myself and Ellie

One thing I am grateful for this week is that our bodies are amazing and heal wonderfully! My index finger is almost completely healed!

Here’s to a better, more positive and less stressed week! ❤️


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