Soft Puppy, Sick Puppy, little ball of fur!

No, Ellie Mae is not sick. She is doing well, roaming the house all day with no accidents! I just feel bad since I haven’t felt like playing with her lately due to not feeling well.

I’m the sick puppy….

I was feeling under the weather last Friday. Started increasing vitamins, fluids, and taking over the counter medication for a severe cold. By Sunday I wasn’t feeling any better, but also wasn’t feeling worse. I get to work on Monday morning and my symptoms increase- coughing, sneezing, throat irritation, watery eyes, headache from hell. Monday night after I’m home, I feel better. Tuesday morning while at work I start to feel worse, so I called my doctor to make an appointment. They fit me in that afternoon!

I’m thinking the worst, upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, THE FLU, pneumonia….. Mom, you would be proud of me, I did not Web MD my symptoms 🙂

So, I get to the doctor and of course he takes my vitals which are great, no fever- which is great. My throat and inside my ear canals are super red and appear irritated. I also tell him I cannot hear out of my Left ear very well. So I’m like what the hell could this be. So he’s asking me if I’ve been around anything that could irritate my lungs or sinus area. I couldn’t think of any changes in my life….. oh, then I mention the construction at work. I didn’t even think that this could be the culprit. I described what has been going on with the construction at work- the dust, fumes, paint…. he said those all could be irritating my lungs and sinus area. He then asked, how long this will be going on- the construction…… it will last several more months unfortunately. So he wrote me a prescription for a steroid pack- of course I declined the steroid shot due to it increasing my heart rate which will increase my anxiety and we all know I don’t need help in that department! Then he recommended that I take an allergy medication everyday until the construction ends….this is a picture of me this morning- swollen eyes and watery eyes.

So, as I write this my ears have “popped” and I can hear better, my throat is not as raspy and I’m not coughing up phlegm as much. I know when morning comes and I go into work that my symptoms will increase….. I just hope not as bad tomorrow! That’s me trying to be positive!❤️ and I’m thankful it’s not the flu- that was my main concern today and why I made an appointment so quick to get in the doctor. My health is very important to me and I don’t have nobody to take care of me…. I’m it, so if I’m down it affects Ellie Mae and Hello Kitty and we can’t have that!


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