Something Wonderful

Spoiler Alert…this is going to be a different kind of blog post than what y’all are used to reading. I’m usually write about my anxiety, comic cons, yoga, and Ellie Mae.

This will be something kinda gooey.

I have kept this a secret for quite some time…over three months.

I am seeing someone.

A good person.

A person with good qualities.

Someone special, who makes me feel special. I thought I would not find someone like that- especially with what is left in the dating pool at my age. I am well versed with cheaters, addicts, users… but I’m not well versed with the nice guy. The guy who pursues, is persistent, opens doors, gives flowers, gives forehead kisses, takes care of you when you are sick, etc. This is the kind of guy in a Hallmark movie that I always made fun of! The type of guy I thought did not exist. Guess what? I found one! A very rare thing to find like a needle in a haystack!

So why hide your relationship if he’s so great? Well I’ll tell you. First off, I’m a very private person. Second, I tend to tell about relationships too early and jinx it… usually the guy ghosts me- yes ghosting is a real term and I’m quite used to it. Ghosting left my thinking I was the problem- not pretty enough, interesting enough, intelligent enough, etc when in actuality there is nothing wrong with me. They were the problem….. not seeing me for what I have to offer. This guy sees that….

He’s the first guy since my divorce to see me vulnerable, to see my anxiety, to see me cry, to make me snort when I laugh at his jokes, to give me flowers….you know sappy stuff like that, ha!

But really, it feels good and I’m happy which I did not think could be possible.

Insert goofy picture of me being ridiculously happy, check. Oh and the necklace I have on was a gift from him.

Anyways, I’m sure my next post will be back to my expected experiences, ha! Just kidding. I just wanted to share that good things happen to people that think they are undeserving and are incredibly hard on themselves do no reason. Maybe the universe thinks I’ve dealt with enough hardships for now…so I can enjoy some happiness for a change.


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