Humanism not Perfectionism

Okay, so I’m not a perfect person.

There I said it.

Which means I think awful things…sometimes I want people to stop talking, sometimes I don’t want to go to work, sometimes I want a change in my career, sometimes I eat unhealthy, I’m forgetful sometimes, the list goes on. I have been trying to be more positive in the last year. Overall I am a more positive person. I smile more- not in the mornings! I have seen changes with my finances, my way of thinking in a more positive light, I’m more organized, I’m overall happier, I make better choices in reference to my health, etc.

This is post was going to be about how I’ve noticed negativity has increased around me since being more positive. I’ve noticed more people maybe not wanting to be around me as much. I don’t think I’m overly annoying positive, I’m pretty real about most instances and some people see it as negative. From what I’ve been working on the last year, I’ve started to let go of negative things including negative people. That means my already small circle is slowly getting smaller. I’m okay with that though. So I’m not going to say anything negative about anyone and just focus on myself.

Speaking of focusing on myself, yoga has come back into my life. I am apart of a yoga challenge for 12 days that began on Valentine’s Day. It’s a heart opener series of poses.

Hopefully this will get me motivated to do more yoga, stay consistent with the gym, and continue to eat healthy. I have been using Hello Fresh for 3 meals a week, it’s awesome to have three full meals delivered to your door. Of course I cook it, but all ingredients come in the mail which is a huge convenience!

So far the dishes have been really delish! I have started with the veggie meal plan. After this week, I am starting to add meat to the plan. The dishes are perfect portions for me and I always have extra for work lunch the next day! Oh, did I mention that it’s affordable!? Well it sure is!

My self love/healthy journey is getting back on track which makes my heart happy as well as my body! ❤️ hopefully I continue on this path. I will need a little help from my friends to continue! ❤️✌🏻


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