Review of MOTW Tour Dallas,TX @ American Airlines Center May 28, 2018


It may sound silly, but it’s the gods honest truth!

Everyone who knows me on a personal level knows how big of a Justin Timberlake fan I am! I have been a fan since his days on the reboot of The Mickey Mouse Club days. Growing up we did not have the Disney channel but I remember the old tv I had in my bedroom could be on that channel and turning the antenna just right you could pick up the channel- only fuzzy. But still I could watch the show! Then came *NSYNC….. my walls were covered with posters of them and JT! I remember recording their music videos so I could learn the dances to their songs- ask my sister and mom and they will tell you! Haha! Then came his solo career!!! And it’s always been on my list to see him live- so far I’ve seen Justin three times in concert!

So first, I went with my friend but we didn’t get tickets together- same section just a few rows apart, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast! I think I was the loudest one in my row! Haha!

The show started and I stood and danced the whole time! I knew every word to every song- along with some dance moves!

The stage and set was gorgeous! I heard about the woodsy theme but wasn’t sure I was going to like it but I absolutely loved it! There was even a place in the show with a campfire- fake of course!

And the dancing- wow, he never disappoints and neither do his dancers!

Every number was awesome in its own way! I think each show of JT’s gets better each time!

I had to get a selfie with the stage of course! It’s a tradition for me!


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