Let’s talk about mental health

Let me start by saying that I hope y’all are well!

I really mean that.

Honestly, I was going to write an entry today about my current Stitch Fix box but something on my heart is much more important and just needs to be said. No worries- I will post about my box later 🙂

With the current events happening in our world….the rising suicide rates, I would like to say check on a friend. Make sure they are doing okay. It doesn’t have to be extensive, it can be a simple, hey, how are you really doing?” Or a simple I’m here for you.

As a person that lives with anxiety and depression, these small gestures do mean so much when life gets overwhelming and difficult. Sometimes life gets hard to deal with and some people may not have a good support system or may not feel like they have one…. also they don’t want to be a burden. I can say that from experience, I never want to burden someone with my issues. Not all, but most people don’t understand the severity of living with depression and anxiety and the amount of guilt that goes with having it. The feeling of letting people down, the constant feeling of shame, guilt, uneasiness, heightened anxiety…. all while masking it. Most people who don’t know me would not know how anxiety affects me- not by looking at me. The “shocks of electricity” feeling that runs through me, being easily over stimulated, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, random body pains and just a heavy feeling…. also insomnia. Now some of these symptoms are better as I have learned over the years how to manage my anxiety and what works for me- therapy, meditation, yoga, and meditation. I also journal. Journaling helps get all my thoughts especially the negative ones out of my head so hopefully they will stay on the paper only. A consistent work out schedule helps me- for me it’s yoga 3-4 sometimes 5 days a week. It keeps me focused, grounded and also helps with my physical appearance. Eating healthy also decreased my anxiety symptoms and I can tell when I eat junk food how it affects my mood.

I’m not saying that I’m healed at all. In my case, it’s a daily struggle. It’s something that I do not hide and deal with openly. I talk about my anxiety openly now. Maybe it will help someone else in the process.

We live in a world where we have hundreds of friends- on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but are so disconnected with the world in the flesh….we are constantly in stores, work, out to dinner with our heads down in our phones. We don’t know how to verbally communicate anymore. For me, I communicate verbally- I’m awkward as hell but I own it lol. I smile at people when I walk by and will say hi. I’ve had many conversations in the grocery line with people- about random things. My view is you don’t know what anyone is struggling with- depression, anxiety, not fitting in, eating disorders, etc. A simple smile or hello can make someone’s day and maybe help them think”maybe I’m not so bad.”

What I’m trying to say is that we need to be kinder, more aware, and willing to listen. It could have a big impact on someone’s mental health. You could have a big impact on someone. Tell someone you appreciate them today. Ask them how they are and listen.


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