Meetin’ Celebrities

Milo Ventimiglia

Fan Expo in Dallas, TX 2017

Super nice guy! I waited in line for three hours! No lie and I even missed his panel but it was so worth it. He greeted each fan and gave each the time they wanted without rushing anyone. I like to people watch and I watched him interact with most people that were three hours before me. He gave hugs, listened to stories, and even called one fan’s girlfriend and left her a voicemail. I was pretty nervous when it came to be mine turn. He asked my name, where I was from, how I liked Texas….. I told him how big of a fan I was since Gilmore Girls, he thanked me. Then of course me being a therapist, I researched that he hurt himself and had to have wrist surgery. So I told him I worked in a hand therapy rehab center and that I was curious how his wrist was doing. Oh and he told me all about it- the type of surgery he had, how therapy was going and he seemed very interested in my therapy career. Then after we took selfies together because that’s what BFF’s do! And he added this silly one of us with his wrist! Probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!



Jared Padalecki

Supernatural Convention Dallas, TX 2016


Supernatural Convention New Orleans 2017

Let me start off by saying that I have been a fan of Jared Padalecki since Gilmore Girls! He was my ideal boyfriend and I thought Rory was so lucky. What boyfriend in high school will go with you to the library and watch you read? What boyfriend will build you your own car?? Dean Forester is who. He was and is still dreamy. Tall, dark hair, good looking but he is so much more than that. Meeting him the first time was just a dream come true. I of course was very nervous. I had a photo op with him in Dallas at the Supernatural Convention. The last day of the convention is known and J and J day- Jared and Jensen day. It’s all about them. Their photo ops, their panels, mostly Jared and Jensen. I bought a Jared photo op ticket earlier that year. Kinda expensive but well worth it….. I did my research, Jared is 6’4 so me being a stickler for details wore wedges so I could be a little taller than 5’7 so he wouldn’t have to bend down in the pic. Lol. So my mom sent my sister with me to wait in line just in case I had an anxiety attack. My mom was worried I was going to lose it when I met him. So my sister is waiting in line with me…. we are joking, laughing, the usual stuff we do. Girls all around us are completely losing their minds- crying, can’t breathe. My sister wasn’t allowed in the room that Jared is in due to not having a ticket so she has to wait until I’m done. So I’m in line, talking to the girl in front of me, listening to the music, and looking at Jared and how he interacts with each fan. So it’s my turn- I opted for a hug photo, he is famous for his hugs. It was the best hug I have ever received and he called me darlin’… then as soon as I tell him it’s nice to meet him, I walk off and the girl helping with photos pulls me aside and tells me that either Jared or I blinked and she placed me back in line for another picture. So of course I’m like super thrilled about getting to talk to Jared again and taking another photo with him. So it’s my turn again and he welcomes me back and tells me he’s sorry for messing up my photo lol. I tell him, “you’re fine” and he laughs and says “thanks for the compliment” as I blush realizing how he took what I said. I tell him thanks again and thanks for being an amazing person.

A year later I met him again in New Orleans at the Supernatural Convention there. As usual I was super excited! I met him for another photo op. I was a little more nervous this time and I’m not sure why. My sister didn’t wait in line with me but that wasn’t why I was nervous. My heart was beating, I was hot, sweating. I did my breathing exercises while waiting in the photo op line. It worked somewhat but I was still nervous. When it was my turn I went for a hug again which did calm me down. Jared could sense I was anxious and did hold me in a hug a little longer, rubbed my back and told me everything was going to be okay. Then looked at me and smiled. I told him it was nice to see him again and he asked where I saw him and I told him Dallas last year.

He is such an awesome, caring, genuine person. With everything he is involved in to help with people suffering from depression and anxiety…. you can tell he cares about others even though he is struggling with it himself. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet him again!

Danneel Ackles

Supernatural Convention 2017 New Orleans

I met this lovely lady at a Supernatural Convention in New Orleans. She was there will her brother at The Family Business booth promoting her/her family’s beer brewery. She was super nice, greeted each person, answered questions and posed for pictures with each person that wanted.