A Little Bit of Happiness

Here lately I have been writing about anxiety and my increased struggles with it at the moment. Everything I have written has been about this topic so I thought I would change up the mood on this blog for a bit. Not that struggling with anxiety is not important, just thought some happiness would be better at the moment.

With that being said I want to talk about things that make me happy. And in turn, things that make me happy decrease my anxiety.

  • Yoga- I have been practicing yoga consistently for three years which has helped my anxiety, strength, endurance. It also makes me very happy. It’s challenging which makes me feel accomplished after I meet a goal for a challenging pose. I finally accomplished crow pose after two years of trying. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of me completing crow pose but I promise it has happened! 💪🏻
  • Fun in the sun- I absolutely love relaxing in a pool, on a float, soaking in the rays of sunshine! That’s what I did today after a long weekend of helping my parents clean and organize their house in preparation of my grandpa moving to Texas. That’s a whole other story and blog post in the near future 🙂

myself, today at my parents pool!

  • A good cup of joe always makes me happy. It’s the only way to start off the day. Of course with cream and sugar!myself in the morning with a JT mug 🙂
  • Family makes me happy. I visit and see my immediate family once a week. We talk about our jobs, life, past memories, future endeavors, etc. We travel together, watch movies, go to concerts, go out to eat, grill out, etc.

Myself with my sister at the Dr Seuss museum

Myself with my mom at the Bon Jovi concert

Myself with my Sister in Mass in 2015

Myself with my Mom and Dad in Vermont 2015

  • A good pair of jeans is pure happiness- the way it fits every curve and increases my confidence.
  • Next on the list is my boyfriend! He helps with anything you ask, is caring, is loving and just an all around good person. He makes me smile everyday.
  • My sweet Ellie Mae is next. She is my goofy, loving bulldog who is also a little stubborn. She has been with me through some tough times and does help when I have an anxiety attack. Look at her face!

Ellie Mae and myself during Christmas 2016

I have several people and things that help make me happy. Sometimes I have to look through my journals and list of what makes me happy to increase my mood. I have to remind myself of the great people and things that I have in my life.

I urge you reading this to get out a pen and paper and make your list of things that make you happy. You will be surprised as to all the great things and people that you have in your life.

Until next time. ❤️


Stitch Fix day-yay❤️

For those who know me, know I love my Stitch Fix boxes! They always make me feel like it’s my birthday! A box delivered to my door full of rad clothes and accessories! Yes, please!

This gorgeous Kate Spade purse was a Stitch Fix purchase but not from my current box! I just wanted to show it off and remix y’all that Stitch Fix offers Kate Spade merchandise now!

Okay, now anytime a new box comes in, I have to get all dolled up and put a fashion show on! Don’t judge!! It helps me pick out my winning pieces! I’m talking full make up, hair, and loud music! Also it’s a good confidence booster…. so you can say it’s kinda like therapy!

Back to this box…..😜

First up are this cute pants by Cosmic Blue Love! Cute and comfy with a zip detail at the ankle. Can be paired with a cute tank top, cardigan, and sandals or wedges. Perfect for summer day!

My second pick is an off white halter top by Daniel Rainn. One of my favorite pieces from this box. It’s a light top, super cute and can be dressed up or worn casual- which I love!

This top also makes my arms look very toned…. or it could be all the yoga I’m doing… a combination of both maybe! In conclusion, this top is a winner!

Next up, is a maxi dress by Collective Concepts! I love floral prints and fell in love with this print! The color- not so much on my pale skin… and it also makes me look a little pregnant- haha!

See! And no, I’m not pregnant. I know some of you were thinking it. So because of the color, I did not pick this dress.

Ahhh yes! This beautiful maxi skirt by Gilli is to die for! I simply fell in love with it at first site…. then I donned it and that was it! When I tried it on, I knew the perfect top for it- another top I purchased from a past Stitch Fix box.

It’s the perfect skirt for a night or day on the town or even a date night 🙂 since a certain someone likes me in skirts 🙂 yes this one is a keeper a hundred percent!

Drumroll please!!!!!!!!

I’m about to show ya the last piece of the box… y’all ready!?!

This is a jumpsuit by Kaileigh that is absolutely stunning! I have yet to try on a jumpsuit until this was sent to me. I tried it on and was SOLD! Then I found out it had pockets and I screamed,” Take my money now!” Haha! Then I turned around….. and….

BAM- my booty progressed was seen! So thank you Riley(my Stitch Fix stylist) for making me feel like J.Lo! Yes, this one was a keeper!

Overall this box was a major success! If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix, I think ya should give it a try. It has definitely expanded my love for fashion and what I think looks decent on me!

Hope everyone is well❤️ sending positive vibes your way until next time!

Let’s talk about mental health

Let me start by saying that I hope y’all are well!

I really mean that.

Honestly, I was going to write an entry today about my current Stitch Fix box but something on my heart is much more important and just needs to be said. No worries- I will post about my box later 🙂

With the current events happening in our world….the rising suicide rates, I would like to say check on a friend. Make sure they are doing okay. It doesn’t have to be extensive, it can be a simple, hey, how are you really doing?” Or a simple I’m here for you.

As a person that lives with anxiety and depression, these small gestures do mean so much when life gets overwhelming and difficult. Sometimes life gets hard to deal with and some people may not have a good support system or may not feel like they have one…. also they don’t want to be a burden. I can say that from experience, I never want to burden someone with my issues. Not all, but most people don’t understand the severity of living with depression and anxiety and the amount of guilt that goes with having it. The feeling of letting people down, the constant feeling of shame, guilt, uneasiness, heightened anxiety…. all while masking it. Most people who don’t know me would not know how anxiety affects me- not by looking at me. The “shocks of electricity” feeling that runs through me, being easily over stimulated, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, random body pains and just a heavy feeling…. also insomnia. Now some of these symptoms are better as I have learned over the years how to manage my anxiety and what works for me- therapy, meditation, yoga, and meditation. I also journal. Journaling helps get all my thoughts especially the negative ones out of my head so hopefully they will stay on the paper only. A consistent work out schedule helps me- for me it’s yoga 3-4 sometimes 5 days a week. It keeps me focused, grounded and also helps with my physical appearance. Eating healthy also decreased my anxiety symptoms and I can tell when I eat junk food how it affects my mood.

I’m not saying that I’m healed at all. In my case, it’s a daily struggle. It’s something that I do not hide and deal with openly. I talk about my anxiety openly now. Maybe it will help someone else in the process.

We live in a world where we have hundreds of friends- on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but are so disconnected with the world in the flesh….we are constantly in stores, work, out to dinner with our heads down in our phones. We don’t know how to verbally communicate anymore. For me, I communicate verbally- I’m awkward as hell but I own it lol. I smile at people when I walk by and will say hi. I’ve had many conversations in the grocery line with people- about random things. My view is you don’t know what anyone is struggling with- depression, anxiety, not fitting in, eating disorders, etc. A simple smile or hello can make someone’s day and maybe help them think”maybe I’m not so bad.”

What I’m trying to say is that we need to be kinder, more aware, and willing to listen. It could have a big impact on someone’s mental health. You could have a big impact on someone. Tell someone you appreciate them today. Ask them how they are and listen.

A work in Progress….

I have been absent for a couple of weeks from this blog. I mean I have written a few reviews but that’s it. I have been busy with work, a lot of yoga, my wonderful boyfriend, and the continued work on myself. I have been…very happy. I can tell, others can tell as well. You want to see proof? Of course you do!

Not a perfect picture, my hair is in my face, I could name so many things wrong with this picture but I won’t. I’m just happy. And calm. And less anxious. And have a clearer plan of my life and what I would like to accomplish. As of this moment I am at peace with the last several years, what I’ve been through and I’m the happiest I have been in a long time! Now since we have talked I have been on a great adventure to a horror convention. Texas Frightmare Weekend was a blast the first weekend of May. This year I only attended Saturday- trying to stay in a budget- yay for adulting lol. You can read my post on Texas Frightmare Weekend for the details! I also saw Justin Timberlake for the third time-you can see my review on his tour for the details- you don’t want to miss that one!

Since these adventures, my anxiety has been creeping back in very slowly….

At the end of last year, I worked with a health coach/life coach which completely changed my life and my relationship with food…. how I view food, no more dieting and how I view my body. I did so much work on myself at that time and it set me free from dieting but my negative thoughts have been creeping back in lately. The thinking I’m fat, pulling at fat, criticizing myself in front of every mirror, every picture is under a microscope. I’ve had to revert back to my journal from that time with the life coach to calm my mind…. which has helped some. I’ve noticed the binge eating is back mildly…. I’ve been trying to eat something healthy each day, pay attention to my feelings when I’m eating and making sure that I’m actually hungry when eating and not eating due to emotions. Man, this is difficult for me but it does get better…. Now, I do work out but as of the last week I had a few days off, wasn’t as active and my water intake was below my average. When that happens, it throws my mood off and the negativity starts to come back. Even though I know this, it will still happen, which is frustrating.

I canceled my gym membership– or it’s on my list to do 🙂 I do workouts at home, go to yoga classes consistently! I enjoy my workouts, I’m not a slave to the gym. I absolutely hate the gym!

I do yoga at home with Ellie Mae. I also love going to CommUNITY yoga! It’s a great but super tough work out. I mean I feel like I’m going to die, but somehow I find the strength to finish- kinda like trials that I’m going through. Yoga has helped me put a different perspective on situations and see all situations differently and from all angles. I handle life with more calmness now which is so much different than I used to be. Any situation would throw me into an anxious mode and throw my whole day off- now I just handle things as they come…no worries. I mean I still have my anxious days but they are far less in between.

Yoga has taught me to let go and to BREATHE! You know how difficult it is to breathe? Not very but difficult to consciously remind my body to take deep breaths and not hold my breath. I hold on to so much just by holding my breath- so it helps me to start the day with a simple yoga sequence and meditation. I have several sequences in books and on my Pinterest page. If y’all want me to do a blog about that, let me know and I would be glad to!

Hopefully this message will find who needs it… and you will begin healing and or continue to heal!❤️

Review of MOTW Tour Dallas,TX @ American Airlines Center May 28, 2018


It may sound silly, but it’s the gods honest truth!

Everyone who knows me on a personal level knows how big of a Justin Timberlake fan I am! I have been a fan since his days on the reboot of The Mickey Mouse Club days. Growing up we did not have the Disney channel but I remember the old tv I had in my bedroom could be on that channel and turning the antenna just right you could pick up the channel- only fuzzy. But still I could watch the show! Then came *NSYNC….. my walls were covered with posters of them and JT! I remember recording their music videos so I could learn the dances to their songs- ask my sister and mom and they will tell you! Haha! Then came his solo career!!! And it’s always been on my list to see him live- so far I’ve seen Justin three times in concert!

So first, I went with my friend but we didn’t get tickets together- same section just a few rows apart, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast! I think I was the loudest one in my row! Haha!

The show started and I stood and danced the whole time! I knew every word to every song- along with some dance moves!

The stage and set was gorgeous! I heard about the woodsy theme but wasn’t sure I was going to like it but I absolutely loved it! There was even a place in the show with a campfire- fake of course!

And the dancing- wow, he never disappoints and neither do his dancers!

Every number was awesome in its own way! I think each show of JT’s gets better each time!

I had to get a selfie with the stage of course! It’s a tradition for me!

Review of Texas Frightmare Weekend

If y’all know me, you know I love to attend a good convention! Full of the nicest people, cool gear to buy, cosplay, celebrities, autograph and photo lines, and panels about the things we love! Texas Frightmare is my favorite convention because it’s everything Horror related! And this year they did not disappoint. Now I only attended one day this year due to me trying to budget more and saving money. Budgeting and saving is for the birds…. but that’s for a different blog post!

Texas Frightmare Weekend is in Dallas,TX at the Hyatt Regency hotel at the DFW airport. It’s always the first weekend in May. It’s a weekend full of movies, meeting new people, meeting your favorite celebrities, listening to panels from celebrities, buying the coolest merchandise and just people watching!

I usually attend a convention with a family member or members…. this year I went with my mom. She shares the same appreciation for the old school horror movies! This year included a Child’s Play reunion as well as most actors that played Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise! Which is one of my favorites. Of course all the cosplayers are also one of my favorite things to see and trying to guess from what movie they are from.

We usually get to the convention early to get in line to get to an autograph line first! This year we did just that! First in our list was Matthew Lillard- from Scream, SLC Punk, Thirteen Ghosts, Scooby-Doo…

He was one of the nicest people that I ever met- I know I say this a lot but this time I really mean it! We were first in line that morning for him. First of all he told me I was adorable which of course made me giggle. We chatted about what if nobody was in his line today, asked me what my favorite scary movie was-Scream of course! And if I was here alone— which then I replied,”no,my mom is here with me!” He then replied that I needed friends lol! Then my mom interjected that I would come here alone anyways! He laughed! When we walked away he wished me luck finding friends! Haha!!

Next on the list was meeting Kane Hodder, my favorite Jason Voorhees! His line was very long of course! He was very nice, joked a lot, and I had him sign a picture for Kyle since he is also a big fan!

We then met Ethan Embry from Can’t Hardly Wait, Empire Records, Sweet Home Alabama, etc. Super nice guy, gave me a hug twice, talked about 90s music, and he shook my moms hand!

I had him autograph my Empire Records album!

This was my only phot Op of the day! Photo with Kane Hodder in costume as Jason Voorhees! Super awesome experience and scary at the same time! Yes the machete is real!

We walked around a lot- saw cool merchandise, cool cosplay, and just cool people!

Of course next year I’ll be back! It’s always a fun time at Texas Frightmare Weekend!

Life is not always easy.

I have been M.I.A. for about a week…I apologize for that. My life has been weird to say the least. I think I’ve been feeling this way for a long time… I am just going to say it, to get it out in the open. I am not sure what I’m doing in my life.

I know this may come as a shock…since I was a teenager I strived for perfection: the perfect grades, my perfect career, the perfect marriage, the perfect marriage…I could go on for ages. Being perfect is something I continue to struggle with. In my life, I have gone up and down with perfection- struggled to achieve it and then coming to the realization it doesn’t exist and then back to achieving it. Today I paused, wondered,”why try to achieve something that does not exist?”

What am I avoiding?

That is the question of my life.

I’m in constant avoidance of something- change in jobs, change in eating habits, needing a change of medication, avoiding a responsibility…avoiding confrontation.

I understand I need change to grow but why can’t I just sit still enjoying where I am? Why do I think I need to figure out my life in one night after an awful day at work? Why must I run when situations get tough?

Now, after today I do feel like running- running from my job, from my career…. like something will change- like a change will make my whole life better. Change is good in a healthy way. I need to face fears, confrontations… to grow, to be who I am supposed to be.

As of now, I am facing many things hat are challenging, that are not pretty. My job is a mess…literally. Construction, dust everywhere, noise galore…all while trying to make others feel better…when I don’t feel myself or capable of helping anyone. Maybe that’s why I’m struggling with my career: I am not well so how can I expect to help others get well? It’s something I have struggled with for the last six months or so…maybe even longer. Also, I feel as if what I do isn’t enough. It’s a constant struggle…and if I’m not seeing results, I always blame myself. It’s the easiest thing for me- to be hard on myself. If someone doesn’t achieve something- it’s got to be my fault. Not that it could possibly be the many other things they have going on medically, emotionally, psychologically. This constant feeling is difficult to deal with day in and day out.

My only way to deal with this constant feeling has been my practice with yoga. As of lately, my yoga practice has taken an increase and a challenge that I can’t put into words. It’s a feeling. The way my body feels when it hits the mat, the way my breath changes and my focus becomes on my body, my breath, engaging each muscle… it’s a feeling I can’t explain. I feel the electricity run through my body with each pose, sweat off my body, my core engaging with each pose and how my body is happy to hear that it’s time for Shavasana!

I am not addicted to yoga- as if that would be an issue!?! I am addicted with how it makes me feel- how electrified I feel after, how alive my body is not only physically but mentally. How I feel I can accomplish anything…

Which leads me to another important piece of my life that makes me feel the same way… my boyfriend. I never knew being with someone could have that affect on me- make me want to do better, be a better person and feel okay with not being okay. Let’s be real- he has seen me at my worst, ha! He has seen me not only cry, but seriously ugly cry- tears, blotchy skin, snot for days to where you can’t talk without crying more- hat kind of ugly cry. And guess what- he still thinks I’m pretty- or so he says, ha! He has seen me happy, pretend to be happy, angry, upset… and he still loves me. A person that loves you during all those emotions- and I’m an emotional roller coaster- has got to be a keeper.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this blog entry… I’m kinda just rambling. Maybe this makes sense to you. This is how the inside of my brain looks like, jumbled thoughts. It’s why I make lists. Like today, while doing paperwork at work, I make a list about next weekends convention, housework to be done this weekend, a reminder to write in my blog, ha, and to remind myself to look at CEUs to renew my therapy license this year. Just so I could get those thoughts out of my mind to make room for things I needed to accomplish at that moment. That’s why I make lists- to organize my thoughts so I can get on with the moment. I keep sticky notes everywhere, notes/lists on my phone, lists on my fridge,etc. This is one reason why people think I’m weird😂

Even though my life at the moment is full of uncertainty about the future, my career, etc, these are a few things that keep me going.

My Ellie Mae, even though she can be a big pain in my big butt!😂 I love her no matter what!

How could you not love her, look at her face!

My yoga practice is very important to me. It keeps me grounded, full of prospective, and gives me energy and love for others as well as myself. After a class I feel as if I can get through any situation with the strength I have gained through class.

Ahhhh did someone say coffee?!? It’s what gets me started every morning. I started getting a coffee subscription from Porch Culture which is fabulous!❤️

Oils help me with many things: anxiety, nausea, headaches, colds, etc. A great friend gave this bottle of Valor for increased mood and positivity to get me through my work days since I have been struggling..

My boyfriend helps me in so many ways- cleaning, cooking, helping with my anxiety…

So I think of these things plus a few other things when times get tough, when I struggle, when people try to bully or call you out. I did a lot of crying, thinking, praying and talking about a few struggles. My realization is it is not worth my time or energy to worry about these things. To worry about it gives it power. I will not let it take power over what I’ve accomplished and all the work I’ve done on myself over the last few years. This is just a bump in the road. I know myself, what I believe in, and I will continue to be me.

Not trying to impress anyone or please anyone.