Back to School

Every time I say the phrase,”Back to school” I think of Adam Sandler! But for serious, I’m going back to school for yoga therapy. It’s something I’ve dabbled with for several years. Now I have gone back to school a couple of times since graduating college. Each time was not the right time or it was not something I am passionate about.

I have mentioned in past blogs that I have been consistently doing yoga for the last three years or so. Yoga has healed me from my pain of my divorce, perfectionism, that I am enough, and given me confidence and bravery to try new things. Hell, I went to a yoga studio where I knew nobody to complete a workshop, met some awesome, super nice people and I continue to practice there! Old Jordan would not have done that, at all. I would have dabbled with the idea but would have passed on it and then regretted it.

The healing power of yoga is so great and has helped me so much- and continues to help me- that I want to share it with others.

So I found the perfect certification for me: yoga therapy certification.

I was up on night as usual and researching yoga therapy and I stumbled onto Breathing Deeply Therapy School. I applied to the school on a whim, not thinking I would get into the school but just took a chance! A few days later I received a voicemail from the school saying they looked foreword to getting to know me through this journey. I was confused- Did I get in? I went through my email and found an email for the school congratulating me on my acceptance and saying I would be a perfect fit due to my occupational therapy assistant career.

I was super excited but I had a billion questions which lead me to communicate with the school through emails. Communication stopped as my life got busier and I stopped pursuing this for about two months. Then one day in yoga class something happened… I’m not sure what but space opened up inside me- I realized I have time to do this, I can make it happen, I can find the finances- stop making excuses and just do it. The next day I called the school and asked if my spot was still available- it sure was and that night I signed up to start classes in June at my own pace. I would also have to obtain a yoga teacher certification to finish the 800 hr portion of the school to become yoga therapy certified- which is something I’m also going to do….

I’ve realized lately that life is too short not to do the things that you want to do.

For instance, today I am getting on a plane to travel across the country. Three years ago that would have been a no go. Now I’m up for anything- now I will not jump out of a plane but I may think about it!

So, I challenge you reading this- what do you want to do that you think you can’t do? I bet you can do it but you just have to dig deep to allow yourself to believe that you can do it!❤️


Stitch Fix day-yay❤️

For those who know me, know I love my Stitch Fix boxes! They always make me feel like it’s my birthday! A box delivered to my door full of rad clothes and accessories! Yes, please!

This gorgeous Kate Spade purse was a Stitch Fix purchase but not from my current box! I just wanted to show it off and remix y’all that Stitch Fix offers Kate Spade merchandise now!

Okay, now anytime a new box comes in, I have to get all dolled up and put a fashion show on! Don’t judge!! It helps me pick out my winning pieces! I’m talking full make up, hair, and loud music! Also it’s a good confidence booster…. so you can say it’s kinda like therapy!

Back to this box…..😜

First up are this cute pants by Cosmic Blue Love! Cute and comfy with a zip detail at the ankle. Can be paired with a cute tank top, cardigan, and sandals or wedges. Perfect for summer day!

My second pick is an off white halter top by Daniel Rainn. One of my favorite pieces from this box. It’s a light top, super cute and can be dressed up or worn casual- which I love!

This top also makes my arms look very toned…. or it could be all the yoga I’m doing… a combination of both maybe! In conclusion, this top is a winner!

Next up, is a maxi dress by Collective Concepts! I love floral prints and fell in love with this print! The color- not so much on my pale skin… and it also makes me look a little pregnant- haha!

See! And no, I’m not pregnant. I know some of you were thinking it. So because of the color, I did not pick this dress.

Ahhh yes! This beautiful maxi skirt by Gilli is to die for! I simply fell in love with it at first site…. then I donned it and that was it! When I tried it on, I knew the perfect top for it- another top I purchased from a past Stitch Fix box.

It’s the perfect skirt for a night or day on the town or even a date night 🙂 since a certain someone likes me in skirts 🙂 yes this one is a keeper a hundred percent!

Drumroll please!!!!!!!!

I’m about to show ya the last piece of the box… y’all ready!?!

This is a jumpsuit by Kaileigh that is absolutely stunning! I have yet to try on a jumpsuit until this was sent to me. I tried it on and was SOLD! Then I found out it had pockets and I screamed,” Take my money now!” Haha! Then I turned around….. and….

BAM- my booty progressed was seen! So thank you Riley(my Stitch Fix stylist) for making me feel like J.Lo! Yes, this one was a keeper!

Overall this box was a major success! If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix, I think ya should give it a try. It has definitely expanded my love for fashion and what I think looks decent on me!

Hope everyone is well❤️ sending positive vibes your way until next time!