For those of you that know me know that I am obsessed with yoga!

I will tell anyone and everyone about my journey through it. It’s on going! Now I wasn’t always a believer in yoga…..

When I was in college, I had two instructors that were a little different, one was obsessed with yoga and aligning chakras….even dressed like the orange chakra for Halloween one year. I was not convinced at all. I laughed at it actually and then when they tried to get us to practice Reiki…. let’s just say I blew it off. I was not in the right mindset or open minded to the idea of any of that.

Being in the right mindset for yoga is key. If you don’t believe it will work for you then guess what….. it won’t work for you.

My journey started at home with books on different types of yoga, online videos of yoga sequences, and videos on proper alignment. I did this for a couple years then I got the nerve to go to an actual class. Now I’ve been going consistently since last February I do believe.

Yoga has decreased my stress level, helped decreased my resting heart rate from 120 to 70 bpm, and increased tone of my body. I have more confidence with situations. What I’m trying to say is that yoga has kept me sane and is also a fun way to stay in shape!

I will post more in this section about my yoga journey!